SELLBYTEL is one of the leading European service providers for Customer Management Solutions with more than 5.500 employees at 38 locations in Germany, France, Spain, Scotland, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Tunisia. Our clients belong to the top 500 business companies in the sectors IT and hi-tech, telecommunications, automotive, financial services, health care and commerce.

We are a dynamic company in constant growth. Please find more about us on our corporate website

Why the SELLBYTEL Group is the right choice for you

Innovation is not just a slogan for us. We make it happen through excellent training and further development opportunities for our employees, a unique company culture and an innovative Board, which continually improves the processes we use.


Quality requires continuity: our employees work to their strengths and skills, and always have a mentor to constantly support and encourage them.


We have 38 locations in twelve countries. We continue to expand into future markets - and already created hundreds of new jobs in 2012 with a further expectation of a substantial amount of new jobs by the end of the year.

Ofertas de la empresa
Fecha Puesto Vacante Localidad CV inscritos
01/08 French Sales Representative Facebook Barcelona 5
01/08 Hebrew or Danish Client Service Associate-Facebook Barcelona 0
31/07 Atención Cliente con Italiano y/o Español (Moda) Barcelona 151
31/07 French or English Sales Repres.-Financial Services Barcelona 4
31/07 French Sales Representative - Small Business Barcelona 5
31/07 Russian Inbound Sales Representative Barcelona 7
31/07 - Service Delivery Technician Barcelona 12
31/07 French Product Support Advisor¡ Barcelona 4
30/07 Spanish Sales Consultant Social Networking Barcelona 13
30/07 -German Inbound Sales Representative- Telecommute Valencia 4
30/07 - Polish Partner Account Manager for SAMSUNG Barcelona 10
30/07 -Spanish Partner Account Manager for SAMSUNG Barcelona 21
30/07 - French or Swiss Sales Representative Barcelona 5
30/07 English Sales Consultant-Social Networking Barcelona 4
30/07 English Sales Consultant Barcelona 9
30/07 - Italian Technical Advisor for BOSE Barcelona 13
30/07 Finnish Channel Account Manager Barcelona 1
30/07 Swedish, Danish, Finnish Product Support Advisor Barcelona 1
30/07 Swedish Product Support Advisor- Printing Sector Barcelona 2
30/07 Dutch or German Product Support Advisor- Printing Barcelona 0
29/07 - Italian Channel Account Manager Barcelona 14
29/07 Danish, Swedish or Finnish Sales Representative Barcelona 1
29/07 Turkish Customer Service Advisor Barcelona 1
29/07 French or Portuguese Customer Service Advisor Barcelona 22
28/07 Swedish, Finnish or Belgian Sales Representative Barcelona 3